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Minecraft Maps

Greetings to all people reading this right now! I’m glad you are interested in some Minecraft stuff. In some way you are similar to 91 million people — according to Microsoft, it is the approximate number of monthly Minecraft active players, which makes it even more popular and demanded than Fortnite. I think the key to such success is in that fact, that Minecraft is quite easy to understand for an inexperienced player, allowing him/her to discover something new and construct new buildings according only to person’s imagination and outlook without any practical skills. I think this is crazy.

Minecraft doesn’t set any specific goals to the player and offers him/her utter freedom of action. You can choose any map and mod created by community in order to examine yourself in different regimes: surviving, for instance, where you should get all resources independently or creation, where you have all them unlimited.

“Granny”, which is one of the most popular maps, is a real horror game, reproduced in Minecraft. You have to solve all puzzles in order to remain alive and not to be eaten by a granny. “The Dropper: Revolution 1” is the one for users who like dropping areas and includes 12 droppers with different levels of difficulty.

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